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Wake up and be encircled by the vivid hues of nature. Be spellbound by the culture and history of devotional area, the entrance-way of Southern India. Navagiraga Resort, Hotel & Restaurant straddles between the most important cities however nevertheless preserves the history of the destination – giving travelers a style and bit of currency and also the beginnings of devotional area.

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Navagiraga Resort, Hotel & Restaurant , Karaimedu Sirkali, isn't only an excellent stay for pilgrims but also for tourists from everywhere the planet . If you're a nature lover, this is often definitely where you would like to be. within the midst of the mesmerizing greens, our hotel stands tall. it's indeed an exquisite stick with four sorts of well-appointed rooms. Each room is classy and delightful . they're spacious with a heavenly decor and great furnishing. It also comes with top-notch amenities that turns your stay fantastic.

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Ecological conservation is one among the central themes of Our Native Village and this approach has been followed within the construction of the resort also .


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Spaciously built and elegantly furnished, Deluxe Rooms come with air conditioning and are the perfect retreat for adults & kids

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